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Lung cancer triggers 60 thousand fatalities in Latin America

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Some 60,000 individuals pass away each year directly from lung cancer throughout Latin America, a number comparable to 12% of fatalities coming from malignant tumors within the region.

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This kind of data actually originated from a review through the Intelligence information Unit from the Economist, published Monday, regarding an inquiry in 12 Latin American regions: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica and also Bolivia.

“It is a disease that does not have as much public weight but lung cancer causes 60 000 deaths of patients per year,” described Rolf Hoenger, president for Roche Latin America, among one of the supporters for the research study For his area, Martin Koehring, managing editor as well as worldwide health and wellness forerunner for the Intelligence Group regarding the once a week The Economist, mentioned that lung cancer make up 12% of cancer mortalities around the neighborhood.

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Lung Cancer Statistics at a glance.

As mentioning by a research study, cigarette smoking is really the primary reason for the occurrence of bronchi tumors, however this is definitely not the sole factor.

“Thirty-six percent of lung cancer cases in the region are not linked to tobacco,” Koehring pointed out, keeping in mind the air quality, the existence of radon vapor or even arsenic within drinking water as some other risk variables.



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