LG is Coming With a Smartphone Having 16 Rear Camera Sensors.

In the global market of the smartphone, there is a new battle is being seen, that is putting a maximum number of camera sensors in smartphones. Nowadays every smartphone manufacturer company is trying to give a number of camera sensor in their smartphones and result of this there is created a scene of war between the smartphone companies.

A few days back Samsung came with Galaxy A9 and took this war one level up. However, now LG is coming to make this competition tougher with its new patent of 16 rear camera sensor Feature. The patent received by LG in the US from the USPTO, this was reported by LetsGo Digital, the company has detailed a design to fit in a 16-camera setup.

The South Korean Company LG has detailed matrix arrangement design in that 16 – camera lenses setup. The purpose of installing 16 rear cameras on the back of the smartphone is allowing to take one picture from multiple perspectives.
Additionally, the patent suggests that this camera setup will allow for a sophisticated face recognition technology. This feature will allow users to replace headshots with other people from photos clicked beforehand.

Instead of using the front camera for selfie shoot, In this smartphone users can take a selfie by using this 16-rear camera lens. The Company has placed a mirror just below the 16-camera lenses.

The light camera was the first device to support 16 camera lenses. After that LG is going to be the world’s first smartphone manufacturer company to provide this feature on its phone.

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