Who is actually responsible for the lethal assault in Iran?

Yet another terrorist assault is documented within Iran, this time around, the intended has been an armed forces procession within the southerly metropolitan area of Ahvaz.

The assault left behind dozens lifeless and injured.

In this particular write-up we want to examine the main reasons for this specific terrorist strike and the conceivable sponsors.

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Lethal assault on Iran

The event occurred, this Saturday, half a hr following the celebratory activities, when a number of terrorists, clothed as military, fired on the masses and on troops that took part in the celebration.

It is well worth pointing out that amongst the casualties are youngsters, and even media people.

Almost instantly a pair of terrorist organizations professed responsibility for the assault, Daesh and Al-Ahvazia, supported through Saudi Arabia.

Responses from Iran was instant

The leader of Iran, Hasan Rohani, cautioned of a forthright reaction and pointing out: “The response of the Islamic Republic will be terrible.” This individual included: “Those who supply intelligence and even propaganda support to these terrorists are going to need to answer for it.”.

Within the very same vein, Iranian Minister of foreign affairs Mohamad Yavad Zarif implicated sponsors for terrorism, and also their United States masters, with regard to the terrorist assaults, saying that the assailants were actually hired, educated, equipped and even paid off through a foreign regime.

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