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The Latest News on The US-Mexico Border Wall

For the southern border or also known as US-Mexico border wall to be erected, US House of Representatives already approved funds for it.

The democrats want funds to be used for improving the conditions at the detention centers, following reports of young kids held in squalid cells.

However, the bill faces a tough path through the Senate that is controlled by Republicans. White House has also indicated that President Trump would veto the bill in its form today.

The latest update on the border wall isn’t much. In fact, President Trump has not built much of the said wall. He promised to construct a wall along the entire 2000-mile length of the border. But, he clarified that it’d only cover half of it with nature helping to take care of the rest.

Ever since President Trump entered the White House, even if some existing barriers were replaced, work on extending current barriers have just started.

336 miles of planned barriers include 86 miles new primary wall, 226 miles replacement barriers, and 24 miles new levee wall. About forty miles of replacement barriers have been completed so far with the construction of further 55 miles underway.

What’s Happening at US-Mexico Border Wall Now?

Based on the statement of US authorities, hundreds and thousands of people were arrested in the Southwest border in the month of June, which is a 28% drop from May.

The administration of President Trump claims the decrease is because of the new policies with the country of Mexico to curb migration, which include the increased security on Mexican side border and expansion of the scheme, which makes asylum seekers wait in Mexico while the cases are processed.

But, experts say that the reduction in migration is also usual during hot summer months. In fact, it was reported that some migrants are missing or have died in US-Mexico border this 2019 and it includes children.

According to the Department for Homeland Security, they are still in an ongoing humanitarian and border security crisis. The number of individuals detained on the US-Mexico border is lower in comparison with the previous years.

This number fell in the first year of President Trump, yet rose again. However, before the increase, when the numbers of migration were at its historic lows, President Trump described the case on the border as a national security crisis.

The latest update on the border wall is the installation of seesaws, which enable kids to play together. Seesaws were installed on US-Mexico border and this paved the way for children from both countries to have fun and play together.

Virginia San Fratello and Ronald Rael, both Californian professors, unveiled the 3 seesaws. In a statement, Professor Rael stated that seeing the project, in reality, was one of the best and incredible experiences.

The said seesaw installation has gained praises on social media. In fact, Mauricio Martinez, a Mexican actor, posted on Twitter that “the seesaw installation is a beautiful reminder to everyone that every person is connected and what happens on one side will impact the other.”

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