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Kremlin Challenges US Threats to Impose New Sanctions

RUSSIA (Consortium News) – The Kremlin challenges US threats to impose new sanctions on numerous Russian service providers for their collaboration with the State and the federal government of Venezuela in the crude oil industry.

” We categorize this specific method as harmful, we think that a large number of nations suffer as a result of this practice, we think of it as contrary to international regulation,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov informed press reporters when commenting on Washington’s strategies.

Basing on him, “The United States along with many other nations, regrettably, make use of these types of trades & other constraints which are against the law under global legislation in opposition to 3rd countries.”

Peskov included that “these people use this method a lot more to guarantee/ protect their own interests in global commercial and economic markets.”

This individual likewise emphasized that Russia categorically protests this kind of method.

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The Rosneft logo

The pressure is going to continue: the key reasons why the United States terrorizes Rosneft.
Recently the Bloomberg organization wrote that Washington is thinking about announcing constraints on the Russian firm Rosneft, for its teamwork with Venezuela, however, it is afraid of the counteraction of global markets.
During December 2017, Venezuela gave Rosneft the permit for the exploitation of natural gas and advance the Patao & Mejillones offshore sectors, situated just north of Sucre.

Both fields belong to the Mariscal Sucre project that totals 180,000 million cubic meters of natural gas reserves.

Rosneft, in addition, takes part in the Petromonagas ventures (having a 40% allotment), Petromiranda (32%), Petroperija (40%), Boqueron (26.67%) and also Petrovictoria (40%). The Russian firm likewise possesses 100% of the Precision Drilling oil services business plus 51% of the Perforosven agency, as the Kremlin challenges US threats.

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