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Apple’s Critical Role in Pushing AIDS Programs with (PRODUCT) RED

This fact may be unknown to many, but Apple is one of the very few tech companies that has been actively pushing AIDS program globally for years. There is no exceptions this year also. As the World AIDS Day was observed on 1st December, Apple has announced that from December 1 to December 7 on every Apple Pay purchase made at an Apple store, the tech giant will donate $1 with the addition of a major fundraising to the RED program in honor of World AIDS Day. The count will be applied for all Apple stores globally.

All year round, the PRODUCT (RED) line-up of products plays a critical role in that mission. When a customer buys a RED branded product, as much as 50% of the profit earned by the tech giant will be sent directly to the Global Fund, which is a partnership organization to accelerate the complete deletion of AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis as epidemics. The organization has raised $600 million since it was founded. The organization claims to mobilize and invest as much as $4 billion every year to support programs in almost every country of the world. Apple is the world’s largest corporate donor to the Global Fund as of now.

The organization has multiple partnerships with technology companies, lifestyle brands, and fashion labels. Apart from Apple, the RED continuously receives a donation from Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, GAP, Belvedere Vodka, Mont Blanc, Alessi, Vespa, Mophie and more. RED has a promotional partnership with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Rolling Stone, and HBO. This continuous support from Apple to RED is definitely a welcoming step for the human community.

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