Midwest Flooding Exposes Another Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Risk

Keystone XL Oil Pipeline is under criticism for all the worst reasons. The project was rejected by the Obama administration due to its environmental effects.

However, Trump administration changed the decision and granted permission to initiate it.

Now the experts are arguing over the new environmental studies to assess its impacts.

The opponents of the project believe not enough work has been done to assess the grave risks of flooding and erosion. Even the lawyer handling cases against the project have said it poses serious threats and risks, and that these factors need to be analyzed.

After the approval from Trump administration, a part of the oil pipeline will pass through the 900-acre land of Mr. Allpress, who is a former oil-field worker and Republican. He along with other local landlords have long opposed the project because of its serious risks and threats. Floods and other disasters have exposed the pipeline, and it is now more vulnerable. But the government is expediting work to track its performance.

The critics of the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline get further reasons to defend their views with the latest floods that destroyed dams & bridges. Even the roads were washed away.

Incidents like these compromise the safety of such projects.

The recent predictions show that there will be further rainfalls this season.

Scientists also predict that environmental changes will put such projects at even more risks.

Similar reports have been coming from other states as well. A case is running in the court in the state of Maryland which is about the property dispute. The filers have submitted that some projects are being done through their property which can damage it. The filers have been following the case for the past two years but no progress has been made in this regard.

The company carrying out the project believes they have all the permissions. They further said that all reports have been cleared regarding safety measures. Officials working on the project hoped the judge in charge of the case will clear it and give them the go-ahead to continue and complete it within the time. It is a project of vital importance.

The first project is being carried out in Nebraska where the second is in the state of Maryland. However, both have the same issues. People are very concerned with the oil and gas pipelines passing through their lands and properties. The first project was canceled by the Obama government but president Trump approved it soon after taking the charge. People have genuine issues that need to be addressed otherwise the projects will remain controversial.

All the concerns are regarding the safety of the gas pipelines.

In Nebraska, the gas pipeline project passes through the land of an oil-field worker. He has inspected the site and reported that floods and other natural disasters will cause havoc to the pipelines. He also showed the site where the critical part of the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline was exposed due to floods. The government must conduct fresh studies and address the environmental concerns of people.

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