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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Statement on Vietnamese New Year

News Canada – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at this time, provided the following announcement regarding the Vietnamese New Year:

“Over the coming days, Vietnamese communities in Canada and around the world will celebrate Tết Nguyên Đán, the Lunar New Year, and welcome the Year of the Rat”.

He continued to say that the “Tết is a time to give thanks for the successes of the past year, celebrate new beginnings, and look forward to the arrival of spring. To usher in the New Year, family and friends will gather to honor their ancestors, enjoy a special meal, and share best wishes for the year to come”.

The Canadian Prime Minister finished off by saying that “As people across the country celebrate, we all have the chance to reflect on the important contributions of the Vietnamese Canadian community. For generations, Vietnamese Canadians have helped make Canada the strong, diverse, and inclusive place it is today”.

In closing, Mr. Trudeau said, “On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating happiness, good fortune, and prosperity in the Year of the Rat”.

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