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Jump start Your Car with a Portable Power Bank in The Desert

You can start your car with a portable power bank in the desert or anyplace else. When you move to another city and your battery goes dead, In this case, you must have an extra power bank in your car so you can jumpstart your car, or you can be in some major trouble.

There are many reasons for a dead battery, such as leaving your lights on.

Try to keep your car active when it is not needed and start checking your car after 15 days that all parts functioning correctly.

When you travel in a dessert or uninhabited region, where there is no service station or a battery terminal, you can find yourself totally helpless and in serious trouble, fast.

But if you have a power bank with you, then you can charge or boost your own battery.

Battery jump starters are nothing new
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Before starting a car make sure the booster pack has a sufficient charge in order to turn over your engine.

When purchasing these portable power pack boosters, always make sure the cranking power exceeds or is matched to your engine size.

  1. First, find out your vehicle’s battery which is most of the time is under the hood, Yep I know, but some people are clueless.
  2. Connect your cables with a power bank only when it is in the off position.
  3. Then connect your positive jumper cable to the positive terminal of the vehicle’s battery, FIRST.
  4. Make sure your car and power bank is still in the off position.
  5. Connect your negative battery cable to the negative terminal of your car’ battery, next, this will prevent a spark.
  6. Before starting the car, please check that clamps are tightly connected so when you start a car it will not shake or loose.
  7. Now, turn on your power bank.
  8. Start your car and you are done.
  9. After starting your car, switch off your jump starter.
  10. Recharge your jump starter when it is cooled down, for future use.

If the engine is not started, then do not run your car more than 5 seconds, and leave a gap between two or three minutes to cool down your power bank.

Image result for Jump start Your Car with a Portable Power BankYou can also start your car with a drill battery.

If you have a cordless drill in your car, you can connect it to your battery in the same way. The average drill machine or drill gun produces a current of an 18-volt lithium battery pack.

In that situation, another working vehicle’s battery comes to play as we connect it to the dead battery.

Then working vehicle starts and provides a charge to the whole system of the disabled car. When the disabled vehicle starts, then the alternator can recharge its own battery.

After disconnecting everything, you are ready to go.

When you are stuck in a foreign land and do not want to speak to someone and do not have any workshop or battery terminal than it is a good idea to have a power bank and a portable drill gun with you. So you can reach your destination in time safely.

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