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Jennifer Aniston as SEXY as ever at 51

Actress Jennifer Aniston as SEXY as ever at 51 grabbed the attention of many-eyes by appearing on the cover of Interview magazine.

“Thanks, Interview for this birthday surprise. I had no idea it would come out today,” said the interpreter herself, adding that “she feels proud and honored to celebrate with this cover.”

“It turns out that 51 is quite fun,” she said.

In the photos above, the actress posed dressed in a black skirt with a leather jacket. Aniston’s  friends  from Hailey Bieber to Mariah Carey — couldn’t contain the excitement at seeing these images:

“Are you kidding me ??” commented in the photos another star of Friends , Courteney Cox. “My God, you’re so beautiful inside and out,” Drew Barrymore said. “You are wonderful!” Said Reese Witherspoon.


What do you think of the sexy Jennifer Aniston’s photo-shoot? 

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