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Ivanka Trump Gets 100 Million Dollars From Daddy

Apparently, Donald Trump’s budget for 2020 will ensure the Ivanka Trump Gets 100 Million dollars since she is now the head of the global woman’s fund.

The budget is expected to be made public or released this Monday and will include Ivanka’s money to be distributed for the use of woman’s global development & prosperity initiatives.

In order to justify these additional funds, the brand new initiative apparently focuses on helping 50 million women throughout the developing world, to be distributed over 6 years.

According to sources, these funds will help women achieve better training so they can hold down a better job and receive support assistance in financial matters as well as legal and regulatory reform issues.

Middle East headlines news team recently discovered that President Donald Trump will be announcing that “Kelly Eckels Currie” will be the new ambassador for global women’s issues.

Apparently, this position was established by former President Barack Obama, but very quickly vacated ever since Donald Trump became president.

Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump was appointed to focus on various woman’s economic issues ever since she joined Daddy’s administration.

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