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Is Ivanka Trump and Dad Getting Along?

Ivanka Trump has spent her entire professional life at her father’s side, whether as a colleague in the board meetings or as The Apprentice judge.

During the official launch of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Ivanka was also the one who introduced him. After officially becoming the United States President, Ivanka became his official assistant.

But, the main question is, are Ivanka Trump and Dad getting along?

What is the status of the relationship between this father and daughter tandem? Below are some proofs that Donald and Ivanka actually get along, and apparently, they get along well.

Ivanka’s First Son was Named After Donald’s Father

The first son of Ivanka and Jared, her husband, was named Joseph Frederick, after both of their grandfathers on the father side. On her birth announcement on her social media account, Ivanka stated that both men set standards passed down through generations that they hope to impart on Joseph and his sister Arabella. She added that their grandfathers established a legacy for their family, inspiring their careers and their respect and love for each other. She also said that they are honored naming their son after such distinguished men and they are blessed to have a new family member.

When the Young Ivanka Called, Donald Would Pause Meetings

Ivanka shared that her father would always instruct his secretaries and assistants to patch her through every time she called at his work. He would then pause his meeting, turn on the speakerphone, and ask her about her grades and achievements while his colleagues also listen.

During College, Ivanka Trump Transferred to Donald’s Alma Mater

Though she originally started college at Georgetown University in D.C., Ivanka decided to transfer to the renowned Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania to study business after her second year in college and graduated in the year 2004. Her father was a graduate of Wharton as well in 1968.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Share the Love for Golf

Donald is the owner of golf courses all over the world, spending most of his downtime as a president o the green. Ivanka doesn’t slouch on her golf hobby, either. There was even one time when she showcased her talent to putt in heels.

Ivanka Shares the Style of Speaking and Some Mannerisms of Her Father

At least, this is what she thinks. She said that she is slowly morphing into her father, a joke she made when David Letterman noticed similarities in their voices during her appearance on the show back in 2007.

Ivanka Believes She Had a Stronger Bond with Her Father after Her Parents Divorced

Donald and Ivana, his first wife, had a fiery divorce during the early 90s because of his affair with Marla Maples that he married later on. Ivanka stated in 2004 that the divorce unusually made them closer to their father. Every morning before going to school, she said that they would go downstairs to give him a kiss and hug. They also stopped taking his presence for granted.

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