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The Israeli Military Closed Ibrahimi Mosque

The Israeli military last night closed up the doors of the Ibrahimi Mosque inside Hebron, stopping Palestinians from getting in under the pretense of Jewish holiday seasons, and even mounted monitoring video cameras at Beit Jala.

The Israeli military sealed all army checkpoints and also electric entrances leading to the Ibrahimi Cathedral, and even stopped residents and locals from the region from intercrossing so as to get to the shrine for prayer.

The Israeli occupation forces have already stopped Palestinian private citizens from getting to their house in the external courtyards of the shrine.

The closing is going to continue until 10 pm, with the pretext of permitting inhabitants to commemorate Jewish family holidays.

The head of the general public Relationships Facility out of the Waqf and even Islamic Foundation Unit within Hebron, Raed Maswada, pointed out that the occupation forces shut the Ibrahimi Cathedral in the face of Muslim churchgoers, plus permitted the colonists to violate the divine location.

This individual included that the colonials established outdoor tents throughout the external courtyards of the shrine.

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Within the framework of pestering of Palestinians throughout the Western Bank, the Israeli occupation powers set up monitoring electronic cameras throughout the urban area of Beit Jala, western side of Bethlehem.

Basing on people, the security cams were actually mounted in the Arab Culture and Crimson roads close to the western side entryway to Beit Jala.

The other day, Israeli armed forces motor vehicles razed locations of Al-Makhoul region at Bethlehem governorate for the building and construction of an underground passage connecting Jerusalem to the Gush Etzion settlement facility by roughly 1 kilometer, as an aspect of the development regarding the bypass roadway no 60.

Director-General out of the Wall and Settlement Opposition Council at Bethlehem, Hassan Bureijeh, informed Middle East Headlines News that the sweeping will burglarize dozens of dunams from residents’ properties within Beit Jala, because of the intense settlement criticism about the region; the most recent was 3 days back when a dining establishment and also a home under the ownership of Palestinian resident Ramzi Kaysia were destroyed.

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