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Israel Wants To Impose Sanction On Iran

News In The Middle East – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged French President Emmanuel Macron to impose sanctions on Iran.

The petition was made during an interview in Jerusalem, a city in which Macron is to participate in an international forum on the Holocaust that will take place on January 23rd.

Netanyahu warns of a “coup” if Iran attacks Israel

Different Hebrew media indicated that Netanyahu based his request on the fact that Tehran has resumed uranium enrichment and its “aggression” in the Middle East.

The two leaders agreed to establish a strategic dialogue that “will allow us to continue cooperating in our shared interests,” Netanyahu said.

“It is a very important change in Israeli foreign policy that will help us in things that are very important for national security,” said the prime minister.

Macron is scheduled to meet on January 22nd in the afternoon with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, to talk about things he dislikes in Israel, such as wanting to impose sanctions on Iran, officials said.

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