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Israel Swapping Prisoners With Palestine Hamas

Israel is actually holding “indirect” discussions in an attempt to reach a prisoner exchange with Palestinian Hamas, based on a Hamas source Saturday.

“Hamas has recently obtained indirect contact from the Israeli federal government regarding a detainee exchange arrangement,” the London-based Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed magazine referred to the sources as saying.

The source of this information explained that the Israeli contact is a move ” to support the administration of PM Benjamin Netanyahu” prior to the April regular political election.

“We have obtained new requests from the European side as well as Cairo regarding accelerating discussions regarding Israelis held captive by [Hamas],” the connections pointed out.

They also said that Hamas wishes the release of all detainees arrested by Israel as a component of an Egyptian-brokered swap and freeing caught soldier Gilad Shalit during 2011.

“Netanyahu administration is maneuvering to make gains,” the informant explained.

The source also claimed UN intermediary Nickolay Mladenov likewise opened up a “dialogue” with Hamas officers pertaining to the transaction.

Of course, there was zero remark from Israel, Egypt, EU or even UN regarding the report.

Israel claimed that a couple of soldiers and a couple of citizens are still kept at the hand of Hamas within the Gaza Strip since 2014 when Israel army cast perilous aggression on the Palestinian terrain and its people.

During April, the Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the tactical military of Hamas, verified it was containing 4 Israeli soldiers, without clarifying on their health condition.

Basing on Palestinian numbers, more than 6,500 Palestinians are at the moment kept in Israeli jails, featuring hundreds of females and also scores of children.

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