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Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Conducting Military Drills in Qeshm

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has started the last stage of its own drills in the Persian isle of Qeshm.

The armed forces exercise routines named “The Great Prophet 12” have already started off this Saturday within the southerly isle of Qeshm, around the Persian Gulf.

The drills consist of quick response units, special forces and even commandos from the IRGC Land Force, in addition to combat and surveillance drones, tracking system, high-precision medium-range rockets, artillery and torpedo units.

Within this stage of tactical practices, the engaging units demolished a fictitious opponent making use of massive artillery fire, unmanned assault airplanes, and even high-precision missiles.

Additionally, special forces with commandos from the IRGC Ground units, have already made use of speedboats to strike the fictitious adversary as well as their fortresses in the beaches of Qeshm Isle.

Basing on army sources, the IRGC Ground Force intends to make use of anti-helicopter mines for striking the enemy’s flying targets for the very first time in these types of training.

According to Brigadier General Mohamad Pakpur, leader of the IRGC Ground Force, said that “these kinds of activities are actually defensive in essence” and “intended to send a message of peace & friendship”.

The Army of Iran perform airborne, naval and even land armed forces training all throughout the year.

Iran firmly insists that the advancement of its own army abilities is to “safeguard its own technique of self-defense” and deterrence to acts of violence in regard to its foes.

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