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Is Ketosis a Good Way to Lose Weight?

The ketosis is metabolic process and this happens when the body does not have the required amount of glucose. The ketosis produces ketones which are the type of acid when the stored fat is broken down to produce energy. When the level increases, the acidity level of the blood also increases. As a result of that, the ketoacidosis occurs which can be proved fatal.

Symptoms of ketosis:

There are a large number of symptoms of ketosis which are both positive and negative and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Weight Loss:

From the signs of the ketosis, one is the weight loss. The ketogenic diet along with the normal card diets are extremely active for weight loss. In the first week, the weight reduces in a very fast manner, but most of the people consider it to be a fat loss, it is mainly stored the carbs and the water being used up.

  • Bad Breath:

The second main signs are bad breath. Most of the people feel the bad breath when they reach the highest level of ketosis. It is one of the most common side effects of ketosis. The people who go through the ketogenic diet such as the Atkin diet state that their breath takes on a fruity smell. This can be a positive sign for your health if this breath may be lower than the ideal of your social routine. Most of the ketogenic person that are on ketogenic diet cleans their teeth or make the use of gums that are sugar-free to resolve this problem.

  • Appetite Issue:

Most of the people have to go through that sign and that is the appetite issue. This issue arises due to the increased level of protein and the intaking of vegetable along with the changes occur in your hunger hormones of the body.

Is It Safe or Not?

There is a great focus on this part, that ketosis is safe or not. Most of the researches have been done on that and some are in the process. According to some researchers, the ketogenic diet proves very helpful to lower the risk of heart diseases. The studies have also shown that extremely low carb diets give assistance to people related to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type two diabetes.

Relation of Ketosis and Diabetic Patients:

In the patients who are affected with diabetes, the ketosis can arise due to the body not having sufficient insulin for the processing of glucose in the body. The presence of it in the urine gives a strong indication that diabetes if the patient is not controlled in the best way. The ketogenic diet puts a great focus on the reduction of the intake of dietary carbohydrate. The people with type two diabetes have been suggested to reduce the intake of carbohydrates as the carbohydrates are converted to glucose and increase the level of blood sugar. The patients who follow the ketogenic diet should have carefully monitor their ketones level.

Source: newsletterforhealth

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