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Trump says Iran planned to control Middle East in 12 minutes

US President Donald Trump says Iran planned to take control of West Asia, known as the Middle East, in just “12 minutes.”

“Look at Iran, Before I got there (to the White House), Iran was going to take (control) the Middle East in about 12 minutes, right? “Trump said at an election rally held on Tuesday in the city of Council Bluffs in the state of Iowa (center-north).

The US president said that since the beginning of his administration in January 2017, the Iranian authorities “are trying to survive”, while there are “riots” in each of their cities .

In spite of this position, there are reports that the Trump Administration has launched an information manipulation campaign about the current economic situation in the Persian country with the purpose of provoking a part of the population that is  anti-government.

The Republican leader also boasted of another “achievement” since occupying the high presidential office, this time against China.

United States “provocative actions” in Southern China Sea

Trump talked about “horrible” trade agreements reached with China in recent years and said that will stop. 

According to his estimates, USA has lost between 300 billion and 500 billion dollars a year. “It’s too much, it’s running out, finishing, finishing,” he repeated.

Trump, in another part of his statements, attacked rich countries like Saudi Arabia , which Washington “protects” in exchange for nothing at all.

“Would you say that Saudi Arabia is rich? I told king (Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud) that they have to pay, forgive me. They have to pay, we are going to protect them, they have to pay, Pay, They have to pay, they have to pay, “the US president stressed, a few days after Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman said in an interview that Riad” will not pay anything “to the US for the “security” of the kingdom. 

Japan is also “immensely rich,” estimated Trump, who noted that the Japanese also have to compensate because they are under the protective umbrella of Washington.

He noted that Japan sends cars to the US and earn a billion dollars, while the US is not authorized to export our cars to the Japanese. “They do not pay taxes and we subsidize their Army,” denounced Trump.

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