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With the upcoming trends for iPod in the market, let’s dive in and check out the features of the most loved iPod 5th generation.


This new iPod has different looks with a metallic silver colored back and tapered edges. The back of this new iPod is colored while the front is colorless with an extremely resistant fingerprint.

The iPod touch 5th generation has a rubberized pad over the top right covering the Wi-Fi antenna features a flat back with the volume, sleep/wake buttons over the flat edge so that you change it with the fingers easily. This newer generation of iPod touch is 12mm tall and thinner than its previous version. It has a larger screen where an extra line of icons can fit over your home screen. There is also an advantage of viewing extra apps and web pages with a bigger screen.

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It has a wide range of better apps giving you fantastic quality. You will feel nippy while using this new generation of iPod touch. The new iPod has newer built-in features like Notes, Reminders, Calendars, and others. The new screen size of the iPod allows you to view movies from iTunes.


It has a better screen

Offers five color options

Very light and thin

There are improvements with iOS 6

High-quality earphones


Apple maps

You need iTunes

There is a rearrangement of the lightning port

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Its desirable, modern device with an upgraded display. The colors of the iPod touch 5th generation offer real improvement in terms of colors and display. Featuring an iSight camera which is a huge improvement in this gadget.

This mobile phone is small which makes it easy to hold and allows you to take it everywhere, here are the reviews of other products that might spark your interest.

However, It is expensive.

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