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Invasion on country’s economy absolutely no different than assault on flag

Tayyip Erdogan Monday stated “an attack on Turkey’s overall economy was no different from an attack against its own flag or perhaps call to prayer”, reacting to a latest unit of currency sell-off within religious as well as nationalist terminologies in front of a huge Muslim holiday.

During a pre-recorded spiel so as to mark the four-day Eid al-Adha celebration, that begins Tuesday, a resistive Erdogan pointed out the objective of the money dilemma was actually to bring “Turkey and its people to their knees”.

The lira toppled 40 per-cent this year alone, shaking up the Economy 

Struck with fears regarding Erdogan’s prominence over financial protocol and also an intensifying diplomatic falling out with the United state of america.

The sell-off has already infected various other emerging local market unit of currencies and even worldwide stocks within recent week or sos.

“The attack on our economy has absolutely no difference from attacks on our call to prayer and our flag”.

The goal is the same.

“the goal is to bring Turkey and the Turkish people to their knees, to take it prisoner,” Erdogan pointed out within the telecast-ed address.

“Those who think they can make Turkey give in with the exchange rate will soon see that they are mistaken,” the man claimed.

Erdogan cut short from specifically labeling any nations or even organizations, yet this individual has, before, condemned the digital currency auction upon a shady “interest rate lobby”, Western side rankings companies and even investors.

Amidst the duration of stressful relationships among Ankara & Washington, a number of gunshots were fired Monday coming from an automobile here at the United States Consulate inside the Turkish capital, resulting in zero casualties.

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