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From Internet Celebrity To Millionaire Entrepreneur, Michael Coudrey Always Seems To Live His Best

Michael Coudrey has a track record of raising eyebrows whenever he opens his mouth. For some, he is a woke thought leader, enlightened in matters foreign to most, and for others, he is a privileged, precocious entrepreneur. Whatever you might think of him, Michael knows how to start a conversation, and that’s exactly what he did when he unexpectedly revealed his plans to create a “digital media consortium” to effect “everlasting change” in US politics.

In the last four years, Michael Coudrey has gone through multiple public evolutions, transitioning from the “Hampton’s Badboy” to a Twitter phenom, even earning a retweet from the President of the United States, twice. He’s dabbled in the political sphere as well, earning a name for himself as the funder of the heavy-hitting digital media attack ads that likely swayed the Florida federal congressional elections. In addition, he’s also set out to make peace in the Middle East, offering a “policy proposition” to the Israeli’s dealing with conflict in the West Bank.

The entrepreneur, who turns 25 this week, has been a pop culture and business presence since his teenage years. That can be at least partially attributed to being the son of a doctor, or a friend to the upper echelon of politics, but we’d be remiss to neglect the fair share of work that Michael has put in himself to earn his current status in the political and business hierarchy. His political social media firm was a giant step for him, one he acknowledged in an interview in the aftermath of its release.

“I know that once we brought together some of the most powerful political minds in the country, the change would be there forever—and that’s a good thing because I really want people to be able to realize the knowledge, and understand that everything is within their reach,” he said. “I’m effecting change for the youth.”

When asked for his opinion on the negative press he’s received for his political activism, he simply stated: “People will always mind your business when they have no business to mind.”

As Michael enters a new era, it’s a perfect time to reflect on his contributions to one specific creative medium: Twitter. He’s been a constant presence on the platform for the last seven years, sending out his various interpretations of the world around us in an effort to enlighten the blinded masses. It’s helped curate an image of Coudrey as an open-eyed philosopher, taking in information and disseminating as best he can.

To celebrate the icon entrepreneur’s entrance into the world, let’s take a look at a few of his best tweets.

And let’s not forget his writings on media:

“Very powerful individuals have recognized that by controlling the flow of information, they can subliminally shape public opinion to advance their personal agenda by presenting material, news or entertainment crafted in a certain way to change the opinion of the receptive viewer.”

Or his thoughts on social conditioning:

“People often times grow up to be a product of social conditioning, playing into a system in which they fundamentally don’t recognize exists.”

Or perhaps his thoughts on liberalism:

“Liberalism in the United States is nothing more than a fallacious ideology masqueraded as culturally relevant progressivism designed to advance the monetary and policy interests of a powerful political machine unbeknownst and at the expense of everyday American citizens.”



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