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International Women’s Day – Toronto

TORONTO – An event was hosted Friday in order to commemorate International Women’s Day by the involvement of fifty young females coming from the Toronto region.

The activity occurred within the auditorium of the John G. Diefenbaker communal institution within Scarborough and was arranged through the Toronto Law Enforcement Services and even the metro’s Community Board of education.

Using the 2019 worldwide concept of “Balance for Better,” that strives to improve gender-specific equilibrium around the globe, challenging women to a higher awareness of themselves and even their practical experiences within today’s culture.

The event was actually attended by the commanding officer from the Toronto Law enforcement agency of department 42, superintendent Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, a number of registered members from the TDSB and even the neighborhood locals.

The occasion of the day included an open and interactive dialogue, finishing with the performance of “Milayjah” using an authentic tune called “Can not Do Better Than Me”.

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