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Indian Air Force pilot that parachuted down after his fighter jet was damaged over Pakistan sky, was turned over to Indian authorities at the boundary of Wagah close to the metropolitan area of Lahore.

Wednesday, a couple of Indian fighter planes were nullified as they soared over Pakistani airspace.

The aviators ejected, one of whom had been laid up in an emergency unit within Pakistan because of personal injuries.

The other aviator, Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, was taken by Pakistan’s armed forces and guide to the metropolitan area of Lahore, where he was delivered to the Indian Unison over the Wagah perimeter or border.

At the Indian boundary is a substantial team of law enforcement as well as people that welcomed the arriving of the aviator, shaking bouquets and even flags of the Indian Union.

Islamabad stated that the offering regarding the commanding officer from the downed jet is a “gesture of peace” so as to prevent strains or increased conflict among India and Pakistan.

The conflict escalated in the past when  Indian Union airforce launched an air campaign on a training school suspected of having a group of people who are Islamist fanatics in Pakistani land, and they were also implicated of murdering more than 4 dozen Indian police officer within Kashmir during February.

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