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India Gets Backing From Saudi Prince To Combat Terrorism

Mohammed Bin Salman who is the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince offered his cooperation as well as the use of Arabian intelligence to India, in order to combat terrorism and extremism.

The prime minister of India mister Narendra Modi along with the Saudi Crown Prince sitting by his side informed news media that they share the same concern regarding terrorism.

The Crown Prince has confirmed that his visit to India will begin improving old ties between both countries which he claimed are rooted “in our DNA.”

Mr. Modi is apparently under extreme pressure from his own supporters to punish Pakistan for that suicide attack, however, India is placing total blame for this bombing on Pakistan, further accusing it of supporting terrorist rebels within Kashmir.

Indian Army soldiers arrive near the site of a gunbattle between suspected militants and Indian security forces in Kashmir's Pulwama district on February 18.
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Islamabad continues to deny any such charges or allegations.

The Saudi Arabian Prince continue to say that increased cooperation in counterterrorism and combating cyber crimes our top priorities between the two Nations.

The prince has also asked for a “stronger plan of action” in regards to combating extremism, trying to slow down, if not stop the spread violence and even terror that misleads the country’s younger generation.

Last year’s trade collaboration totaled a whopping 27.5 billion dollars, both sides have signed agreements to promote further investments towards tourism, infrastructure, communication, and even housing.

Middle East Headlines News team has also learned that the Saudi government likewise signed a framework agreement regarding the “international solar Alliance” for promoting efficient exploration regarding “solar energy and to reduce the continual dependency of fossil fuels”.

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Based on India’s external affairs minister, this course of action was launched by India as well as allies on the sidelines of the Paris climate conference meeting back in 2015.

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Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed likewise confirmed that he did see a “potential for at least 100 billion dollars of investment” into the energy, technology, and agriculture, some funding also will be released for social services, he also suggested that “both countries will the building a strategy that will benefit either side”.

Saudi Prince claimed that “investments over 44 billion dollars have already been invested within India since 2016”.

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