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Germany prompts Russia to help avoid humanitarian situation in Syria

Germany requested Russia to help protect against humanitarian problems inside Syria.

Merkel’s spokesperson Ulrike Demmer said in a state and federal government press conference at Berlin, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has brought up the concern recently with both COMMANDER IN CHIEF Donald Trump, and Russian Commander In Chief Vladimir Putin.

Syria and Humanitarian efforts

She said that “German authorities are monitoring advancements around the territory having increasing concern”.

She also pointed out, “we count on Russia to stop the Syrian governing administration from intensifying the predicament and thus avoid a humanitarian disaster”.

She then said that “it was really essential that humanitarian associations be provided unconfined accessibility to the impacted civilian populace”.

Syrian Minister of foreign affairs Walid al-Moualem mentioned earlier that government powers are going to proceed all the way with a prepared offensive within Idlib, the final primary anarchical bastion within Syria, and that “Damascus’s primary targets were generally Islamist al-Nusra combatants”.

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