Scientists show what the human face will look like in the future

Human Face – A group of scientists are studying how the facial appearance of the human being will evolve over time.

“(The current human face) was transformed from a more intimidating face, which was an advantage to compete, to another that was convenient to get along with peers,” he told the Clarin  website Viva Penny Spikins, from the University of York on Thursday. , in the United Kingdom. 

Scientists believe that this is what has made humans the most expressive species on the planet.

“In facial terms, we are the most expressive animal on Earth, able to recreate around 50 gestures,” confirmed geneticist Adam Wilkins. 

“That happens because we have a complete set of muscles, mimetic, that are only found in mammals. Therefore, other vertebrates (a horse or a dog) are not expressive facially: they lack the total ability to move the skin of their faces, “added the specialist.

“One of the great changes of the face is associated with the size of the brain and related to the evolution of the brain itself, which allowed us to have more expressive possibilities, basically because we are social and cooperative beings and we need those characteristics,” explained Wilkins. 

However, we still do not know what the cause was and what the effect is: whether we are expressive as a result of a developed brain or if our brain developed because of expressiveness.

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