Huawei Soon to Introduce Its Very Own Android Alternative OS

Bruce Lee – Huawei Product VP confirmed to Weibo that the company is under work to introduce an alternative OS to replace Google’s Android. If rumors to be believed spread over the web, the new independent OS would be named “Kirin OS” and would only be available for Huawei devices. Recently, Huawei received a big blow from the US when it turned suspicious towards its telecommunication equipment business along with ZTE in the country.


Although Huawei has denied any kind of foul play from their side, the company has grown weary of the recent stance of the US government. Even the US also pushed its allies to stop using the equipment of the Chinese OEM. With the fear of presumption that other companies such as Google might also force towards the same route in the near future, the Chinese OEM has decided to develop an alternative not only in hardware but in software also.

As exciting as the news of Android alternative is, Huawei lovers may not see the OS until a few years at least. Developing a new OS for smartphones is nowhere near a small task, especially in this forever competing for smartphone and technology business where smartphone OS space is a duopoly of Google and Apple. Nonetheless, it will be quite interesting to see what additional features Huawei is bringing to its mobile OS. Building a complete smartphone eco-system is a smart business move by Huawei regarding any fruitfulness.

In the most, Huawei has also been testing Google’s new FuchsiaOS with its recent smartphones. The company’s development team is under process in making the OS compatible with Kirin 970 powered devices.

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