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Hot News of the day in the Middle East – New Evidence Shows That Khashoggi Murder Was ”Planned And Perpetrated”

Hot News of the day in the Middle East shows that Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi journalist who was killed in October 2018 in Turkey. 

He went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get a visa since he was to be married, he made the fiance stand and wait for him outside the consulate, but he never returned.

The initial reports suggested he was killed by Saudi intelligence officers and his body was dismembered. It is one of the hot news of the day in the Middle East.

The brutal death of Jamal Khashoggi caused worldwide outrage. People on social media protested and demanded justice for Jamal.

It was said by many that he was killed by the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. Jamal Khashoggi was a strong critic of the Saudi government and had recently joined the Washington Post as a columnist. He wrote against the crown price Muhammad Bin Salam and it is reported the crown prince had told one of his aides he would be “using a bullet on Jamal Khashoggi”.

There have been many reports and hot news of the day in the Middle East, and all have revealed that the journalist was killed by the Saudi crown prince.

He didn’t have any animosity with anyone else and was a peace-loving person, according to sources. But his criticism of the Saudi crown prince and the government made him a “target of the government”sources continued to say.

Saudi officials had planned to bring him back to the country and get him alive but his arrest was mismanaged and he was killed on the spot.

The New York Times reported that Muhammad Bin Salman had said to an aide that he would use a”bullet on Jamal for his criticism if he failed to return to the country”.

The American intelligence agencies have collected reports that are believed to be the most credible. The report reveals the crown prince had long planned to kill him before he was murdered in Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

However, the Saudi government denied all such reports and allegations and stood firm that the crown prince had “nothing to do with the murder of Jamal”.

Even president Trump showed a little interest in the case.

The reason is that the crown prince has been close to the Trump administration and particularly his son in law. Salman has been phenomenal in dealing with corruption, ending the nations driving ban for women and allowing many activities back into the country that were been previously banned.

Agnes Callamard, U.N. special rapporteur for extrajudicial summary said in his report in Geneva that “there was solid evidence how Jamal was murdered” and was a “victim of a brutal and premeditated killing”. They also said, “the murder was planned and carried out by the State of Saudi Arabia”. She was allowed access to a recording pertaining to Jamal’s murder.

Everyone knows that killing of the journalist was planned and he was killed at the right time, as planned by Saudi Arabia.


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