Holding America Hostage

James Clyburn, whose fellow associates control the United States House of Representatives, referred to as “misguided”  or “Holding America Hostage” and even “confusing” regarding the border wall structure of Donald Trump, set conditions for reopening the federal government which closed December 21st, 2018 depends on him getting the money he needs to build that wall..

“Countless Americans are suffering the consequences of the closure of the Government. ” Americans should not become hostages to the president because of this misguided and confusing [border wall plan]” and that “Americans are paying for their inability to govern.”, Clyburn said in an announcement released Sunday.

With the passing of time – the Democrats describe, the Republican leader (Trump), “he is little prepared to negotiate a way out of this self-imposed crisis”, so it is time for Trump’s fellow members in the Senate to vote in favor of the reopening of the government “and tell the president that enough is enough”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in addition, implicated Republican politicians of “Holding America Hostage” with regard to border safety and security.

“If the Republicans really want the wall desperately, they are able to make an effort to submit and successfully pass a bill on it just like the others […] Rather, they are obstructing state and federal government functions and the income of innocent individuals to get what they want […]] This is called taking hostages, “denounced the congresswoman.

The commander in chiefs condition for reopening the Government depend upon a yes vote from the Democratic lawmakers to get massive finance for his border wall structure has threatened once again to “keep the Government closed up for many years”.

The Democrats claim that the concept regarding the wall surface, one of the trademarks highly cackled via Republican politician Trump, throughout his political election campaign, in fact, it serves to lap over various other much more complex issues, for example, immigration.

Furthermore, Trump is making use of it as a tool so as to get support from his conservative base, said the spokesperson.

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Rita Chandon

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