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Hillary Clinton Will Not Run For President

WASHINGTON – It’s official, Hillary Clinton confirms today that she will not be running in the 2020 presidential race. However, she also made it quite clear that she was “not going anywhere”.

Hillary Clinton who was actually a former Secretary of State, a Senator and even first lady, during Monday’s interview with News12, she officially ruled out another campaign.

Hillary Clinton was defeated back in 2016 when she made her run at the presidential office against the now President Donald Trump.

She lost that battle, however, she went on to say “I am going to keep on working and speaking as well as standing up for what I believe”.

She made it quite clear that “the kind of things which are happening right now are deeply troubling me”.

Hillary Clinton went on to say that she talked with numerous potential Democratic candidates who are looking for a presidential nomination, she reminded them not to “take anything for granted”.

Clinton also pointed out that currently, we have a list of issues or problems which include many broken promises from the current Trump administration.

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