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Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Starting A War

The head from the Islamic Resistance Movement from Lebanon (Hezbollah) cautions Israel about the repercussions it will encounter in the event that it launches any type of war within the territory.

” Israel understands that the Axis of Resistance is presently stronger than ever before and likewise knows that starting any type of war within the region are going to have enormous repercussions. He knows well that his weak points have been exposed, “mentioned Seyed Hasan Nasrallah, during a speech Thursday to celebrate the day of Ashura, which remembers the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

Basing on Nasrallah, the Tel Aviv regime knows Hezbollah’s power and is without a doubt worried about that..

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” The Resistance possesses precise rockets and also various other armed forces equipment, assuming that Israel inflicts a war upon Lebanon, it is going to have a fate which it will never anticipate,” this individual claimed.

Hezbollah told Israel, you have been warned, don’t start any war.

The Hezbollah leader has therefore reacted to Israel’s threats over Lebanon and its own armed forces prep work so as to deal with Beirut’s army modern technology, in spite of numerous reports regarding the failure of the Tel Aviv regime on any type of adventurism against the Lebanese.

“Israel is upset due to the fact that its own schemes have already been neutralized inside Syria and even Iraq forcibly and attraction amongst the regions which incorporate the Axis for Level of resistance daily”, Nasrallah has emphasized.

Back up for the suppressed inside Palestine, Yemen and even Bahrain.

However, Nasrallah has restated the back up regarding the root cause of the downtrodden people from Palestine, particularly pointed out in the defense about the holy city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)..

In a similar way, it demonstrated that it will definitely not leave Yemenis by itself or even Bahrainis, who stand up to oppressive forces.

” We need to end the silence in the face the day-to-day murders within Yemen through the assaults from the Saudi and even United States aggressors,” this individual explains.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA embraces anti-Iran policies for being independent.
Concerning relationships with Iran, the head of the Islamic Opposition Movement around Lebanon mentioned that Hezbollah supports Iran in the face of Traditional western measures and also applauded Tehran’s part in the combativeness in opposition to terrorist organizations, like ISIL (Daesh, in Arabic), within the area.

Nasrallah suggests that the reasons that the United state of america sanctions Iran are apparent: It is actually an independent, self-governed and also free nation which does not submit to pressures.

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