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Syrian revolutionists removed heavy military weapons out of Idlib front line

Within Syria, the procedure of taking out heavy military weapons by rebels, out of the front line in Idlib was accomplished Monday, under the arrangement , made by Russia & Turkey creating a demilitarized region or zone.

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Within the arrangement struck previous month with Turkey & Moscow, revolutionists considered extremists, are literally mandated to pull back or pull out by the middle of this month out of the region, and also heavy military weapons have to be removed by Wednesday.

Some other Syrian troops will stay inside the demilitarized region to assist Turkish soldiers to keeping track of and patrol the area.

The Turkey-Russia arrangement suspended a threatened Syrian state and federal government onslaught.

The United Nations previously, cautioned that this type of assault would definitely produce a humanitarian disaster within Idlib, home to more then 3 million men and women.


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