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Healthy Food For Feeding Of Horses

Horses are animals that require a series of very special care, including a balanced feeding of horses, so that the animal remains healthy and strong.

In this way, it is very important to know what they can or should eat, as well as what can be done to supplement their diets depending on the individual needs of the animal.

A balanced diet

The feeding of horses must be governed by a daily balance , so it is important that at each meal they are provided with the right amount of forage, fiber, forage balancing feed (if extra energy is necessary) and supplements such as vitamins and minerals. It must be taken into account that the forage is the basis of any equine diet, for example in the form of hay of rye-grass, fescue or alfalfa. 


The fibers help the digestion of animals, so it is beneficial to add them as part of their diet. To supply the horse with sufficient fiber, for example hay or grass can be used.

Healthy food for feeding of horses

Among other natural foods that are very healthy for horses include carrots, flax, bran, beet pulp, corn … which have multiple properties such as fiber supply for digestion of horses and essential nutrients that contribute to maintain the health and well-being of the animal, since these are foods rich in vitamins (eg A and B) and minerals (eg magnesium and phosphorus).

The contribution of starch and sugar is also important, but in its proper measure. For example, they are not healthy foods for horses that are less active or that are sensitive to sugar.

Choose the right feed

When determining the most beneficial diet, an important point is to choose whats the most important criteria when deciding on one feed or another, is the activity of each animal, its physiological state and its physical characteristics.

Feeding Of Horses Bread For Competition

It is not the same to feed a competition horse than an older horse with dental problems and less appetite, not to mention the pregnant mares or the growing foals, which require special care when it comes to supplying them with optimal nutrient amounts for their developing. 

That is why companies offer a range of different types of feed that are adapted to the needs of each animal at each stage of development.

If the horse performs intense exercise or activity, it is also advisable to provide supplements that will help maintain its optimal form and that can be given to the animal according to their needs.

Keeping horses healthy

To preserve the health of horses, special care must be taken not to include foods that are harmful to their diet, such as onions, broccoli, potatoes and tomatoes. 

In addition, horses contain a lot of water, so they need to ingest a large amount a day , specifically 5 liters per day per 100 kg or 25 liters per day on a 500 kg horse.

On the other hand, it is important that the horses are in a space where they can jog and exercise to maintain their physical condition. But in addition to taking care of the feeding of horses and maintaining a correct routine of physical exercise, there are other cares that must become a daily task and that will contribute to their optimal state of health.

These tasks are as varied as keeping the horse’s spaces clean, protecting the animal from wind and humidity, deworming it, checking the teeth, which will save discomfort when it comes to running.

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