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Putin’s Initiative to Guarantee Strategic Stability on the Planet

Vladimir Putin advised his Russian diplomatic body to use every initiative to guarantee strategic stability on the planet.

In a celebratory message, the Russian President stated that “within Syria, It’s conceivable to attain some stabilizing by starting the constitutional process”. Putin likewise gave many thanks and praised the Russian Foreign Administrative agency for his/her roll in those discussions.

The Russian leader at the same time emphasized the advancements made collaborating with the far east, India and even Latin American countries, a brand new level of discussions were opened with Africa and even positive outcomes in the Eurasian integration.

” Additionally, the worldwide problem is increasingly more unstable, therefore, a lot more intense discussions and actions are needed in order to ensure tactical balance and greater global order,” Putin explained.

In that respect, basing on Putin, it would be advantageous “to make the best use of Russia’s position within the UN Security Council, the possibilities provided by his involvement in the SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] and even the BRICS Group of people [Brazil, Russia, India, China, as well as South Africa], in addition to his presence as part of the Group of 20, APEC [Asia-Pacific Economical Cooperation Forum] together with additional multilateral frameworks.

Confronted with worldwide devastating scenarios, Putin looks for a 3rd way out, the leader additionally emphasized: “enhancing initiatives guaranteeing the legal rights and interests of fellow citizens overseas, and  protection the Russian dialect.”

One more “unconditional top priority,” Putin included, would be “to protect the historic truth regarding the Great Patriotic Conflict” of 1941-1945, a time period through which the Soviet Union battled versus Nazi Germany.

This final task, basing on Putin, Strategic Stability on the Planet is most applicable within the context of the 75th commemoration of the Victory celebrated during 2020.

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