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Florida – Scott Beierle Charged for Grabbing Women’s Butts

A shooter that murdered a couple of women in a Florida yoga exercise workshop and also injured 5 other individuals just before taking his life was formerly implicated of grabbing women’s butts, law enforcement explained on Saturday.

Law enforcement pointed out they do not necessarily know the reason at this time, why Scott Beierle, 40, opened fire Friday mid-day after posing as a consumer in order to sign up with the training class in the Yoga exercise workshop in Tallahassee FL.

Investigators are still looking for connections involving him & the victims

The bloodshed triggered the town’s mayor, Andrew Gillum, who is actually Florida’s Democratic prospect for governor, to suspend his own political campaign briefly and return to Tallahassee.

The 2 females that passed away, were identified as a college student an a professor out of Florida State University.

Police officers stated “Beierle was a grad of FSU and even served in the armed forces”, and that his person had been the topic of phone calls to authorities within the Tallahassee region “related to harassment of young women, such as grabbing women’s butts”

Law enforcement pointed out Beierle was living in a local hotel during the time of the assault, detectives were searching the mans residence in Deltona, FL, in excess of 322 kilometres southeast of Tallahassee.

The suspects Rap sheet revealed he was jailed back in 2012 & 2016 with criminal charges of grabbing women’s butts.

Both of these cases were thrown out.

A lawyer that formerly represented Beierle, could not be reached for comments.

Two females that were harmed during the shooting continued to be hospitalized and reported in stable condition Saturday, law enforcement agency stated.

A couple additional shooting victims plus a male that was pistol-whipped by Beierle were treated then discharged.

“There were indications that several people not only fought back but tried to save other people,” Tallahassee Law Enforcement Head Michael DeLeo claimed in a press conference.

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