Google Offering Products Based On User Data To Increase Revenue

Google conference, which began in California yesterday, it seemed that users data was the key word in the company’s new products that were announced during the conference, from Pixel phones to computers.

“PixelSlate” and “PixelSocP2” mobile, to the smallest products related to cables, headphones and others, where Google believes that the ability to generate, transfer, storage, processing, circulation and data utilization, and the accompanying techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning and deep research and analysis of large data , Is the most expensive route to maintain and expand its current advertising revenue to outperform its competitors, led by Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

“Google is not a new product in itself, but is trying to build a range of devices and products to serve,” said Robin Rubin, founder of research and consultancy firm Russell Ross. The User Data in which the software is completed.

User Data Search Company

The analysts of the site, “CNET News,” agreed with Robin, where the site published a report in conjunction with the conference, which stated that “the conference is the culmination of efforts made by Google over the past three years, to establish a name in the field of devices”, so it now has Premium phones marketed under the Pixel brand, a virtual reality headset, a Wi-Fi router, three models of smartphones, and Google Home, which rivals Eco from Amazon.

Along with other things, such as smoke detectors sold under the brand “Nest” commercial.

All of these devices came to support Google’s core business, which is primarily a research company, its reason for being, and its worldwide reputation for its ability to deliver search results.

For User Data devices of all kinds, mainly related to the support and strengthening of the services provided by the software such as, Google maps, e-mail «Gmail» and others.

More information on User Data

The report said «Google News» that «Google» believes that these user data devices will help them to understand more information about the user, and then support the basic software services with this information and user data, explaining that the US company wants to sell smartphones, because it is known that users are no longer looking for information on laptops and desktops, but on mobile phones and other smart gadgets.

They also ask Google Home to run music playlists or use cameras on pixel phones to identify certain types of flowers.

According to the report, the secret weapon in all this is Google’s voice assistant, which competes with “Siri” of Apple and “Alexa” of Amazon, which is using the sound to turn off the lights and locks the doors, and read Middle East Headlines in the morning.

Another product is Google’s Lens, a tool that allows people to search for information about real-world objects by directing smart phone cameras to them, and for the first time exclusively on Pixel 2, the plugin was initially released through Google Home and the company’s AlShate application.

Value of ads

The report said that the more Google knew about the user data and his or her interests, the more valuable their ads were to the marketers who were pushing the company to target potential buyers based on admiration, dislike, age, interests and even the site.

This is very important for Google, Because about 90% of its annual revenue of $ 100 billion comes from advertising.

To ensure that personal data reaches Google, not a rival like Amazon, which now has the largest share of the smartphone market, Google believes selling phones and other devices is the best way to continue using its services.

7 Data service products

Google revealed at its annual conference yesterday seven products for data service, either improved and developed from previous products, or completely new, namely:

New phones

Google has introduced two new models of Pixel phones: Pixels 3 and Pixels 3XL. The most prominent features are larger screens (with one edge), a wireless charging feature, and a second camera for taking personal photos.

2- Pixel Shipping Holder

The wireless charging feature works with the new Pixels, which is a support for the phone while charging, allowing the full screen to be seen.

3 – «Google Hb»

Is a device to connect and manage smart home appliances together, with a smart screen that shows information from the Google digital audio assistant, as in the devices launched by the company «Lenovo» and «Amazon».

4 – computer «Slat» Tablet

This computer operates a system called “Chrome”, called “pixel baskets.” It comes with a folding keyboard, up to 16GB of RAM and an Intel E7 processor.

5. Pixel iPod speakers

These handsets work with Pixel 3 phones, a wired phone connected to the phone via the USB port, an improvement to the headset announced last year.

6 – Update the «chrome cast»

Google has introduced an updated version of ChromeCast, including the ability to communicate via Bluetooth technology, with an update in design, replacing the glossy top and chrome logo with a glossy look and a “G”.

7- Pixel Book 2 Calculator

Google introduced a new version of the PixelBook laptop that was limited to adding new processors, raising random access memory (RAM) and a 4K screen.


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