How A Video Earn 78 Likes On YouTube Without Any Marketing

I think the most powerful way to grow your business or website is in an organic way. This is a model that I have been applying since the start of my business, and which works extremely well for me.

It is a proven principle, a principle that applies to everything in life.

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If you post new content on your website every day, or if you are busy with your business every day, there will be growth in your website and/or in your business.

If you are 1% better every day than the previous day, that is 100% in 100 days.

It may sound like a faint cake, but if you apply this ‘principle’ to your life and your business, you will see unprecedented growth.


When I started with Internet Success, everything went very slow. I was still unknown and actually made content for myself.

However, I knew that if I kept going long enough, there would be a turning point. A point in which everything would be accelerated and the content that I wrote at that time would be read/read a lot.

In this blog, I want to show you a new video about this principle.



Yesterday I saw an ‘old’ video of myself passing by in YouTube and saw that it had already received 78 likes, and was viewed more than 7000 times. Without having applied any form of marketing to it.

How is this video from 2016 ‘grown’?

Simple: continuously uploading new content which makes my YouTube channel bigger and therefore grows.

As a result, Google values my YouTube channel more and more, my videos are always higher in the search results and more people watch my videos.

This is a long-term strategy, and few people have this patience. That is why few people will be successful with this; they lack the patience.

However, I knew that when I started my business, I had to be patient and my business would grow so fast in the first weeks, months or even years.

20-80 RULE

To give you an idea; my website skwebdesigningsolutions did not score high in Google in 2013 yet. I did not have hundreds of visitors per day yet. I did not have thousands of viewers on my YouTube videos yet.

  • Most people stop when they see no growth in visitor numbers or income after a few weeks or months.
  • Those people then think that it is not possible, or that they are doing something wrong.
  • The only thing they do wrong is missing patients.
  • The people who have patience are the people who will ultimately be successful.

First you invest 80% of your time for 20% of your income, and in the long run, there will be a point where this reverses. You then work 20% of your time for 80% of your income.

You can apply this 80-20 rule anywhere in your life.


My name is Lissa Doniro & I am Sr. research & brand performance specialist @ XpertWriterHelps My core duties are to create a marketing strategy that can derive quality leads.

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