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Germany Frustrated With Trump’s Bashing Of The Fatherland

GERMANY – Angela Merkel who is the German Chancellor recently defended the multilateral order to Western leaders as well as security officials within Munich Germany, the speech is one of her strongest ever against Trump’s Bashing Of The Fatherland.

Apparently, according to sources Donald Trump’s administration tried to put a wedge between European allies and Germany.

According to those same sources, this verbal battle was a result of President Donald Trump’s opposition to Chancellor Merkel’s plans to “build a new gas pipeline between Russia and Germany”.

Nord Stream 2
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The United States led a coalition of diplomats in the past two weeks, has attempted but failed to sway Brussels and even Paris to join the Trump administration against Berlin.

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Even though Chancellor Markel’s historic speech has earned her a standing ovation from her audience, the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence tried to claim that “Europe is actually following President Trump’s initiatives”, has been met with very awkward silence from the crowd.

Global Leaders at Munich Security Conference
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All the “signs are showing up” according to sources, that the Democratic values which in the past have bounded NATO throughout history are now giving way to a fresh and brand new era to “greater political powers”.

According to some,  the feeling is that life “might get more complicated” or uncomfortable for the German Chancellor in the near future.

Seems like Tokyo is also starting to worry that President Trump could sign off on an arrangement which benefits “America first policy”, and does absolutely nothing to address the North Korean missiles that are possibly armed with nuclear warheads.

A former envoy from the Japanese nuclear group stated that a “nightmare scenario” might be just a “half big baked deal”.

Back at the home front lawmakers within Washington are preparing a response to “President Trump’s National Emergency” declaration, people that own land within the United States and Mexico border have voiced their fear of a government land-grab in the foreseeable future.

 President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he leaves the White House, Jan. 10, 2019, en route for a trip to the border in Texas as the government shutdown continues.
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