Genetically created viruses can become the future generation of war

Lots of modern Technologies possess double usage Genetically created viruses that could be used on both noncombatant or even defensive ventures, depending upon the objective of those individuals in charge.


German rocket technological innovation resulted in the development of V2 ballistic rockets during WW2 and even allowed the United States to start it’s own space exploration missions at the second half of the 20th century.

The modern Technology likewise helped the United States create its very own ballistic rocket programs.

These days, United States researchers at the “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” know as (DARPA), are without a doubt working on a program referred to as “Insect Allies” a program that makes use of bugs, “YES Bugs“, to contaminate crops using Genetically created viruses or better know as (GMO’s) which can |modify the crops genetic characteristic” in order to make them a lot more resistant to disease.

“It is unclear just how the insects flight paths will be regulated so as to make certain they just contaminate specified targets” said a spokesperson.

DARPA is managed through the AMERICA Dept of Defense that was established shortly after the Soviet Union debuted Sputnik 1 satellite back in 1957.

The bureau released an article insisting that “the program possesses absolutely no ominous objectives” and even looks to “provide new capabilities to protect the United States, specifically the ability to respond rapidly to threats to the food supply”.

DARPA offered peace of minds shortly after German & French researchers asked questions regarding the program’s efficacy this month and even proposed that it might be “widely perceived as an effort to develop biological agents for hostile purposes and their means of delivery, which– if true– would constitute a breach of the Biological Weapons Convention”.

In the event that the knowledge & means exist to be able to send genetic infections which generate advantageous crop mutations, the “reverse will be achievable” – making use of bugs to deliver Genetically created viruses which demolish crops, destroy harvests and even negatively impact the broader ecosystem.

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