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Florida Killer Viewed videos of Mass Shootings

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The Saudi student who fatally shot 3 sailors at a U.S. Marine base in Florida hosted a supper celebration previously in the week where he and 3 others watched videos of mass shootings, U.S. authorities informed journalists on Saturday.

Authorities examining the lethal attack were working Saturday to figure out whether it was inspired by terrorism, while President Donald Trump said that he would evaluate policies governing basic training in the United States.

The Navy on Saturday recognized the 3 victims and hailed them as heroes for attempting to stop the shooter and flagging down first responders after being shot.

” The Sailors that lost their lives in the line of duty, revealed remarkable heroism and bravery in the face of evil,” Capt. Tim Kinsella, the commander of Naval Air Station Pensacola, stated. “When challenged, they never ran from danger; they ran towards it and saved lives.”

The shooter opened fire inside a marine base Friday, murdering 3 individuals and injuring 2 deputies, one in the arm and one in the knee, prior to the deputies shooting him. 8 others were likewise harmed. Both deputies were anticipated to make it through.

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Naval Air Station Pensacola

10 Saudi trainees were being held on the base Saturday while a number of others were unaccounted for, stated the authorities, who spoke on condition of privacy after being informed by federal authorities.

The FBI has now identified the shooter as Mohammed Alshamrani, 21.

Detectives stated he was a 2nd Lt. in the Royal Saudi Air Force and was a trainee marine flight officer of Naval Aviation Schools Command.

U.S. authorities on Friday stated the FBI was analyzing social network posts and examining whether he acted alone or was linked to any more comprehensive group.

The authorities weren’t authorized to go over the matter openly and spoke with reporters on the condition of privacy.

2 U.S. authorities stated Friday that they were examining whether the attack was terrorism-related.

They spoke on the condition of privacy to divulge info that had actually not yet been revealed.

Defence Secretary Mark Esper was asked whether he might state definitively that the shooting was an act of terrorism, he would not acknowledge either way.

Detectives stated he was a 2nd Lt. in the Royal Saudi Air Force and was a trainee flight officer and that he did watch videos of mass shootings prior to the killings.

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