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Facebook Personal Information Leaked Through The “Like” Button

The Government of Japan today urged Facebook to improve the protection of It’s personal data, following the succession of incidents in which information has been leaked from millions of users of the social network throughout the world. -Japan urges Facebook to improve the protection of personal data.

The Committee of Protection of Information in japan adopted a resolution in which it urges Facebook to take measures to avoid similar cases, as the first warning directed to the American giant of Internet.

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The document states that personal information of users of the social network included in their profiles or their browsing history were automatically transferred to external pages of Facebook that had a link to the “like” button , even if Internet users did not click on it.

Therefore, he asks Facebook to “give clearer explanations about how they use personal information” , and requires consent from the users to transfer this data to other platforms and that they responds appropriately to Internet users who request to delete their stored data.

Some 29 million Facebook accounts were pirated last September , including several million in Japan, a case that adds to the 100,000 Japanese users affected by the scandal of the abuse of personal data by the Cambridge Analytica consultancy , according to the report of the Japanese committee.


The panel also ordered the company based in California (USA) to report on the findings of the internal investigation undertaken by the company on the aforementioned massive filtering of data by hacking.

This committee is a supervisory body responsible for the protection of personal data in Japan, and among its powers is issuing orders to companies based in the country to be in compliance with national regulations. 

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