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Facebook Disagree With The Report for Unroot of Election War Room

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Due to monitoring and dashboard of Facebook on election war room, since so does the threat of election interference.
Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that reporters for election war room in October has not been plunking and will use in future elections.

A report from Bloomberg today about the war room claimed that “it’s been disbanded” refers from a Facebook spokesperson. That article has not confirmed or updated despite Guy Rosen the Facebook’s VP of product for election security tweeting to Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier, “The war room was efficacious and we are not going to disband it, we’re going to do more things like this.

“The motto of our war room is to focus on election-related problems and to rapidly solve that one such as voter pacification efforts and civic-related misinformation. It was as a step to curb the election-related problems during the recent U.S. and Brazil election and we are giving our best to enhance the platform to solve the election-related problems all over the globe”. A Facebook’s spokesperson tells to TechCrunch that “there is miscommunication between the Facebook PR and Bloomberg”.

The election war room features screen visualizing the volume of foreign political content and voter pressure to a tem of facebook, whatsApp and Instagram. The main goal is to increase the transparency of election so that that voters can identify the right information about the respective candidates.

Few weeks before the election the working of Facebook war room has been staffed up. After the election, there is a 24/7 monitoring for policy-violating activity across the board. That’s because there are much more pressure attempts and other propaganda when elections are still many months away.

A Spokesperson tells that “ The war room will optional ahead of major events, and it still stands. It was impressive during the elections of Brazil and U.S. that’s why instead of disbanding we’re expanding this”.

It’s clear that Facebook’s relationship with the media remains contentious. There are many protesters that used to oppose such ideas without having proper information.

As facebook were failing to protect the 2016 elections to its ruthless PR’s strategies to such an attractive and important concept of the election war room.

Source: TechCrunch

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