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Erdogan Takes Aim At Syria

Middle East (Consortium News) – Erdogan Takes Aim At Syria and cautions that the Syrian authorities will pay “a higher price” for attacking the Turkish soldiers.

On February 10th, the regime’s troops were given a strong reaction, however, that was definitely insufficient, according to Erdogan.

“There will definitely be a continuance. They are going to pay a very high price. Tomorrow [February 12th] inside the Legislative Assembly, I will report on the upcoming actions,”. said the Turkish leader.

On February 10th, the Turkish Department of Defense disclosed that at the very least 5 Turkish soldiers were murdered and numerous others were hurt due to an artillery assault by the Syrian Military against a Turkish observation post set up inside Idlib.

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The Syrian Military

On February 3rd, due to artillery fire at the hand of the Syrian Military in Idlib, 8 Turkish soldiers and citizens lost their lives.

The head of Turkey claimed that due to fast Turkish action, 76 Syrian soldiers were eliminated.

On February 4th, Erdogan stated that he prompted his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to press all those within the Syrian federal government to cease its operation in Idlib & take out its soldiers from the Turkish run monitoring posts before the conclusion of this month, threatening with yet another armed forces response.

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