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Erdogan Gave Syria a Deadline

Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave Syria a deadline up until the end of February to pull out from Turkish monitoring posts within Idlib following the event on February 3rd.

” In the event that the [Syrian] government military do not pull back during February from both Turkish monitoring posts inside Idlib, we are going to do whatever it takes (…) Our soldiers are going to begin operation in case required,” Erdogan claimed when appearing in front of the Justice and Development (AKP) group.

On the early morning of February 3rd, 5 Turkish soldiers perished during an armed conflict with Syrian troops inside Idlib, an area where Hayat Tahrir al-Sham functions (previously referred to as the Nusra Front, prohibited within Russia) still operate.

Erdogan gave Syria a deadline as ” Turkey is looking to find “: what is at the bottom of the Turkish operation inside Idlib?

Turkey claims that it managed to “neutralize” loads of Syrian armed forces.

The Turkish forerunner cautioned that his country’s military “are going to react now using deadly force.”

Idlib is actually part of one of the 4 sectors of neutrality recognized and established back in May of 2017 in the course of agreements in Astana, 3 out of these types of locations came under the dominion or control of the Syrian Federal government during 2018.

The 4th, that covers Idlib and surrounding governorates of Latakia, Hama, and even Aleppo, continue to be in the control of the rebels or terrorists as sources portrayed them to be.

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