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Google Classroom now available for enterprise G Suite accounts

As a service addition, Enterprise G Suite customers are now available in Google Classroom. It’s a part of the company’s education offerings alongside Chromebooks and other associated management tools. This service can be exclusively used for issuing assignments, quizzes and managing students. Specially designed for teachers to create online classrooms, give quizzes, distribute assignments, and communicate with students, the program is centered around a Stream that offers a chronological list of assignments and questions that can be seen and answered by all.

Addition to this Hangout Meet will now allow G Suite Enterprise users to organize meetings with up to 100 participants and G Suite Business users can host meetings with up to 50 participants. The meeting can be organized with participants from both inside and outside the organization. Previously, Google’s Hangout Meet platform was supporting only 50 participants during any audio and video call. This new feature will be rolled out in the next few days to the hangout Meet.

G Suite users can also enable lifestreaming to allow up to 100,000 viewers to watch at once. Overall, the new updates and feature additions are definitely going to add more user interest in Google Meet. It will make the platform viable for larger organizations which have not always been the case. These feature additions will allow individuals to work from locations outside their office. Google has also rolled another new feature to its search engine whereby it will not one-answer results to a certain query, which means now when a query is raised on Google, the search giant will directly answer it without showing the standard web links anymore. The enormous update will be rolled out this month.

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