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Elon Musk attacks Facebook

Consortium News – Here is why Elon Musk attacks Facebook. Several years back the South African mogul revealed a critical perspective with the social media network of Mark Zuckerberg, however, on February 8th this person was accountable for restating it in Twitter by requesting people to “delete their Facebook accounts

Everything began when comic Sacha Baron Cohen slammed the management of private data of one of the most prominent social media networks on the planet, Facebook

Just listed below we find Musk’s response: the hashtag # DeleteFacebook (delete Facebook) along with the words “is defective”.

Image result for Mark Zuckerberg, creator, and president of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, creator, and president of Facebook

The strains between Chief Executive Officer of Tesla and the developer of Facebook heads back to 2018.

It began with differences in point of view regarding using artificial intelligence (AI) which released mayhem when it comes to Cambridge Analytica.

The analytical consulting firm made use of Facebook to unlawfully acquire information from 87 million people with the objective of swaying American citizens to vote in favor of Donald Trump.

Within the twitter update, one can read:

Mark Zuckerberg once shared that AI does not actually present a threat to humankind as many claims.

Musk, on the other hand, coinciding along with other testimonials of scientific research like Bill Gates as well as Stephen Hawking, strongly believes that, unless controlled, AI embodies a danger to our culture.

As a result of that, Elon Musk intended to get rid of the Facebook profiles of all its own businesses, including Tesla and even SpaceX.

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