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Egypt Blocked Palestinians From Traveling

Egypt has actually shut down the Rafah crossing preventing Palestinians from traveling in and out from the ravaged Gaza Strip.

The action arrives merely 1 day prior to Egypt commemorating 8 years since the revolution that observed long-term dictator Hosni Mubarak downfall.

The inter-crossing is generally shut down Fridays and even Saturdays.

The Rafah crossing has already been opened for one-way travel ever since the 7th of January whenever workers pulled back from it & turned over power to the Department of Interior inside Gaza.

Egypt has been literally closing the roadway since the beginning of the Israeli siege of the territory around 2007.

It is periodically open up to make it possible for a number of Palestinians to leave or perhaps go back to Gaza every couple of calendar months.

This particular year, on the other hand, has seen this road opened up practically always ever since Ramadan around May, Seems things have changed all of a sudden.

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