Ecovac Deebot 900 Automated Cleaning Vacuum

ECOVAC DEEBOT 900 is a perfect automated cleaning vacuum for your home. We live in a digital era where voice commands can control most of our works but for household chores still, we need to get dirty.

With robotic vacuums in the market, the job of household cleaning is getting better and better or should we say, easier and easier.

It allows improved, smarter and efficient cleaning. Ecovac deebot 900 which allows you to pick up heavier dirt and dust, offers extreme suction power to clean homes that have wall-to-wall carpets.


You can find this robotic vacuum in US, Australia, and Singapore but it is not available in the UK. It is quite pricey but affordable when compared to other robotic vacuums in the market.


This smart, generic-looking round robot with a circular protrusion with laser mapping sensors, has a bumper in front which protects the vacuum from bumping into furniture and walls. The sensors allow the vacuum to stop when it approaches any type of obstacles. It’s the auto button when pressed starts the standard cleaning.


It offers an admirable cleaning job for carpeted rooms. It has Do not disturb feature which you can enable to allow proper cleaning without causing any disturbance. It has rubber wheels which move smoothly when cleaning the carpeted areas.


Features a maximum setting which offers extreme suction power

Allows better app control

Alexa and Google Assistant is enabled

Allows perfect mapping

Relatively quiet


A 90-minute battery life which performs standard cleaning only

For the maximum setting, it offers 45 minutes battery life

It is unable to rise over the thresholds


Ecovac allows automatic cleaning for your home at an affordable price. It suits homes with pets or wall-to-wall carpets. The disadvantage of Ecovac deebot is the round shape, which it cannot clean in tight spaces, like between the furniture pieces, other than that, it does a decent cleaning job for your house.

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