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Saudi Arabia will retaliate to any economic sanctions

Saudi Arabia declares that it will strike back to possible economic sanctions brought on by nations as a result of false accusations.

The Saudi News agency revealed that in case the kingdom is given any sort of negative actions, it will respond using more substantial action, and also the “Kingdom’s economic situation has an authoritative and crucial function or impact within the worldwide economy.

A legitimate source said that the Empire of Saudi Arabia, as a network of revelation and also the Qiblah of Muslims, has certainly taken a prominent or leadership roll  all throughout its history, with obtaining safety and security, reliability, wealth of the territory and even the whole world.

It also stated that it “likewise led efforts for combating fanaticism and even terrorism”.

Saudi Arabia has recently been under the gun due to a top reporter Jamal Khashoggi vanishing on the 2nd of this month, right after going to the Saudi government office in Istanbul.

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