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Echo plus 2017 has amazing features which impress us. Let’s dive in and have a look:


The design is similar to the Echo which was released during 2015. It is smaller in size allowing it to fit anywhere, whether you are in the living room or kitchen. It is available in white, warm silver or black colors with 235 mm length and 84mm width.

With color changing feature over the top allows you to view the volume levels, connectivity issues, and listening modes. It is a perfect mechanical gadget which offers a neutral look with fabric outer and squatter shape.


You will have a magical feel when it easily identifies your voice, listens to your requests and acts over it. The mic performance is sensitive which identifies your voice even from a longer distance. Those new features allow you to make calls, scans contact book and allows you to make connections with your pals.

A beta feature which scans your vague request to respond in the most efficient ways.


It is equipped with the best smart speakers offering you a 360-degree audio output which is quite impressive.


It controls your thermostat settings, smart locks, and others only with simple voice commands. Most of the canny home devices work well with Echo plus 2017.


The voice control is amazing

It has improved audio

It is a one-box simple, smart solution for your home


It can have a better sound quality

The hub features are smart but still need some work


The speakers are the huge choice for buyers that like a better ecosystem for home. Bosting is a smart speaker option that has voice-assisted smarts along with perfect audio options.

If you are in a hunt to find out the best sound quality with good connections then this device should definitely be your first hoice.


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